6 Best Website Speed Test Resources For Optimization

Best Website Speed Test Resources For Optimization

We all know the importance of website speed and performance. It is important to have a website that is both fast loading and responsive so that it can compete with your competitors. But because of new features, animations, and design templates that surely make the user-experience rich and engaging, also …

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How Website Design Can Influence Optimization/Speed

website speed

According to studies, it is proved that if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, there is a great decline in its search rankings. According to a report, around 75% of users will not want to revisit your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load …

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Disk space Speed: HDD, SSD, NVME, and Raid all explained

Disk space Speed

Digital storage of data requires storage devices that can store a large amount of data or files on a smaller physical space. The advancement in technology is providing us with faster and better storage solutions. This is also necessary because digital formats like HDR and 4K are becoming new standards …

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6 Best Free Alternatives To cPanel

Best Free Alternatives To cPanel

cPanel is surely a great way to manage your website, update its contents, and add new items to your website. However, the biggest problem with cPanel is that it isn’t free of cost and you need to pay high fees for using it. The cost of one month’s subscription of …

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7 Tips to Optimize a WordPress Blog

Tips to Optimize a WordPress Blog

Whether you are a serious blogger or writing blogs is your hobby, you must optimize your blog so that it gets better ranking and hence more traffic. There are lots of things that matter when it comes to increasing your WordPress blog’s performance. From the speed of the blog to …

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6 Tools To Help You Find The Right Domain Name

Tools To Help You Find The Right Domain Name

If you are planning to have your own website, then it is natural that you will want to look for a domain name. The domain name is not only important because it represents your website or your company, it is also important for search engine optimization. Choosing the right domain …

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Why Is A Website Important For Small Businesses?

Importance of websites in business

Websites are not just coding on a web page but have become a medium to communicate and influence people surfing the internet. If we talk about business, where an entrepreneur requires a channel to interact with his potential customers. A well-designed website can provide that opportunity to him. Today, a …

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Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Best Web Hosting for Small Business

World Wide Web (www) is said to have made the world a very small place. Businesses have grown multifold since technological enhancements. It is very prominent how very small and big businesses have started to list their companies online. In this article, you will find out about some of the …

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9 Basic Skills Needed To Create A Website

Basic Skills Needed To Create A Website

Have you ever thought about how would it be if you could design your own website? Let’s not limit ourselves to the design part only, how about developing your own website? Fascinating right? All those cool drops up menus and tables along with flashy images and fonts. The beautiful the …

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How to create a Blog with a VPS?

create a Blog with a VPS service provider

One of the first things that you have to do after finalizing that you are launching a website for your business is, hosting a web server. A web server is a machine that will give you the resources necessary to run a sit and store data. All the communication to …

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