Basic Skills Needed To Create A Website

9 Basic Skills Needed To Create A Website

Have you ever thought about how would it be if you could design your own website? Let’s not limit ourselves to the design part only, how about developing your own website? Fascinating right? All those cool drops up menus and tables along with flashy images and fonts. The beautiful the website, the harder it is to make. But let’s not get demotivated, everyone started from the 0 at some point in time, right? Even the greatest coders ever started from 0 at some point in their life. So from a beginner’s perspective, let’s see what are the skills and knowledge required to build your own website. We will be discussing the most basic requirements here, so no nerdy terms. Just simple layman terms.

Knowledge of programming

As it is quite evident that you can’t build your own website from scratch without knowing the ABC of coding. You must have the basic knowledge of the coding languages used in web development. To be honest, HTML, CSS, and javascript are like the backbone of web development. Hence, you must have a basic skill in these languages. Now, let’s see what these 3 languages are:-

  • HTML – The most basic language in web development. It is used to format a web page and create different content on the page.
  • CSS – Short for Cascading Style Sheets, this is the language which is used to design the web page ( very basic editings ). CSS can be used to design the fonts, border, and fonts of the texts present on the page.
  • Javascript – The one-stop answer for all your animated ideas. Javascript can give webpage the life it needs. All types of effects, app features, and animations can be successfully done by javascript.

Basic knowledge of a website

What is the need of knowledge if you can never implement it? So have a basic idea of what and how to do the basics on web development. Generate a basic ideology on what to learn and how to implement it in real life web development projects.


It’s very important to give the best product at the end. For that, you must make sure your creation is 100% free of any bugs, glitches, or fails. Every developer must be a tester to some extent. At least for the 1st testing period. The following are some of the most common tests done by developers to check whether a site is perfect for the market or not.

  • Compatibility with browsers ( Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • All the algorithms are working fine or not
  • Any particular glitches
  • payment is secured or not
  • Speed of the web pages

A sense of design

You should have a basic idea of what and how to design a website. Visit a few websites first. Try to get an idea of how to design a website. Place options and features accordingly. Remember a beautiful site adds to customer satisfaction.



In order to increase the visibility of your website, you must Search Engine optimize your website first. Without that, your website won’t be visible to any people as google won’t show it in the search engine results when someone searches something related to your site. Until and unless you tell someone or someone actually knows the exact address of your site, your traffic won’t increase.

Security and payment

Security should be the most important thing whenever you want to develop your website. Learn about internet security and payment security and how to make your website more secure. Nothing will be of any use if you are robbed continuously of your hard-earned money.

Ability to experiment

you can always choose your choices over the conventional ones. Developers can always experiment with the design, features, and other things to make their site unique. Hence, try to think of something that will sell your site in no time.

Have a detailed plan

A perfect full proof plan is always better than anything. You should always plan ahead and not wait for the 11th hour. And try to think of long term goals rather than short term goals when you are opening a business. Have some Plan Bs and Cs too, which will be used if in any case, the above plans fail to happen.


There are many tools online which will help you in this whole process. Don’t always work hard, work smart. Use online tools like Smart planner, Rescue time, Toggl, and other apps to make sure you are never off track and always working in the most efficient way.


Well, there is much more to website development than just these 9 points. While keeping these 9 points in mind, you will be having the basic knowledge you need to design a website. Don’t hesitate to ask doubts on online forums, the Internet has given us a very strong power. Anything to everything can be solved online nowadays and you don’t even have to move outside your home!


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