Cheap Linux VPS

If you follow the internet regularly then you will find that there is a plethora of sites that will provide you with various cheap Linux VPS hosting services.

The main advantages of these sites are that if you are willing to upload your website then you will be able to do that. Of course you will have to pay a certain amount of money because everything will not come free of cost but that amount is very low and can be afforded by one and all. Though there are sites who will offer you to provide free services but they are not really good because they have too many restrictions and are not reliable. So it is better if you spend that small amount of money and get a cheap linux vps hosting solution. Normally if you check out to buy a vps then you will find that the hosting sites have two separate kinds of platforms and their services vary according to the platforms. Those platforms are as follows:

  • Linux based platform
  • Windows based platform
Comparing these two platforms you will see that the Linux based platforms are the cheaper alternative in the market and therefore people are more inclined to use their services than the windows based platforms.

Reasons why Buying a Linux VPS is cheaper than Windows options

Now there are various reasons why people prefer the cheap vps with linux over Windows VPS solutions out of which the cost is one of the main reasons. You may have a question in mind as to why they are available at such a cheap rate. There are reasons and they are explained below:

  • Since Linux is basically an open sourced operating system you will be able to download the software free of cost if you have an internet connection.
  • The VPS servers which you will be using do not have any kind of faults and are very stable. This is the main reason why people demand their service more and that is why to keep the a considerable amount of profit the overall cost is kept low so that people get attracted.
  • Cheap Linux also has a wide variety of RAM and some specific server space that are allocated by the service provider. This gives you a good range of bandwidth transfer which is independent to whoever is using it.

One of the benefits of using unix and buying an affordabe linux vps hosting solution is that they are completely secured than the others and hence there are no chances of people intruding into your system. The security has been kept so high because there are plenty of people working at the same time and if there is any breach of security then thousands of people will be affected and with such reputation in their services this would certainly be a black spot which they would never want to happen. This does not mean that it will take a long time for your website to get uploaded. This is where the services of a cheap vps with linux have been so different. Even with the high traffic for the users the servers are able to provide the same amount of speed which they would have if half of those people were there using their service, the sole reason for that being the superb uptime which has reached to 99.9% nowadays.

Basic advantages of cheap VPS Hosting services

Since Linux uses each and every Virtual Private Server separately they can be rebooted as and when you want and that will not affect the other servers. Since this is a major advantage many hosting companies utilize this facility to sell their services to their customers at a comparatively lower rate. That is how the cost is lowered. Well apart from the low cost there are several other advantages of the unmanaged Linux VPS servers. Here are some of the benefits discussed below:

  • There will be no set up cost for the installation of the servers. Since you will be paying the full monthly installment at once there will be no need to pay for the installation.
  • With the help of the same server you will be able to host as many number of websites you want. This is only available for the Linux VPS services and not for any shared or dedicated servers.
  • If you get an unlimited bandwidth vps option as part of your hosting package, you will get no surprise month after month on your invoice.
  • Compared to the other servers you will have full control over the server which you will pay for. There will be no compromises for your services.
  • There are various applications which will be available to you so that you can customize the server you are working with but for that you will have to pay some extra amount of money because they are charged only when you order that application.

Comparison sometimes is not ethical because each different kinds of services has their own benefits and drawbacks. If you share the same type of services in two different kinds of platforms then you can compare the services.  It can be said that if you are using the cheapest VPS with Linux services then it is one of the best decisions you have taken in the field of cheap VPS hosting services.