Cheap SSD VPSToday there is not only cheap shared and VPS or dedicated server plans available from the web hosts, they have also introduced another helpful service that promises greater benefits to the clients that is known as SSD VPS hosting. If you are intrigued you can read on to know more. SSD is the acronym for Solid State Drive. These are known to work faster than the usual hard drives. You can opt to get a managed VPS plan with an SSD thrown in. Cheap SSD VPS is a great option that is cheap and lucrative at the same time. That of course, raises the question as to what is the difference between a VPS with a traditional hard drive and a VPS plan that comes with SSD?

The main difference between dedicated hosting and SSD VPS hosting lays in the server exclusivity and of course, the price. To get a better perspective over the two types of web hosting, we’ve put a head to head comparison that can be used which will allows better decision.

Main Differences Between Dedicated And VPS Hosting

There are several areas in which VPS hosting differs from dedicated web hosting. This difference affects the type of user suitable for each web hosting types, and although some people are still arguing over which is better compared to other; the truth is that several types are better for VPS hosting while others are better suited for dedicated hosting. These differing factors are as follow:

  • Dedicated hosting and SSD VPS hosting all have dedicated RAM, and disc space, but VPS hosting shared the usage of a certain server (CPU)
  • Both type of web hosting provides server level customization and pre installation service, however, VPS hosting has the choice of host managed software customization through fully managed server type of VPS.
  • Dedicated hosting plan will cost more than VPS hosting plan
  • Security aspect on dedicated hosting are run by the web owner while VPS hosting has support from web host (on full managed VPS hosting)

Fully Managed SSD VPS Hosting Helps Web Owner With Less Technicality Competency

As stated above, one of the difference between dedicated and VPS hosting lies in the choice VPS hosting based web owner to outsource their server management issue to their web hosting service for extra cost. This is actually beneficial because using Solid State Drive VPS hosting, even web owner with less technical competency regarding web hosting are capable of owning a website. And the cost won’t differ as much since designated hosting will usually hire server administrator to handle technical issue on their web hosting process.

Dedicated Hosting Provides Total Control And Performance Over Web Hosting

Also stated above that the main difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting lies in the CPU usage; where VPS hosting are compromising to share the usage of a server with other web owners. This is highly affecting the speed of server since many users with different software process will run at the same time. In this case, designated hosting will be faster than VPS hosting. Other issue on VPS hosting that usually arise related to server performance is the bandwidth issue, especially if there is a sudden increase of traffic on one of the website residing within a server. At this point, the bandwidth is potentially exceeded and causes the websites to crash all at the same time.

Choosing The Right Web Hosting

The decision over which web hosting is more suitable for a website lies completely on the web owners. However, several factors are essential to consider before deciding. The first factor is deciding the overall budget the web hosting will be run since there is a significant difference in price over the two types. The second factor to consider is technical competency of the web owner or the administrator should be appointed later on.

Characteristics Of SSDs

When you wish to opt for cheap SSD VPS, you need to know in what ways you will benefit from such a plan. More importantly, you need to know whether you will surely gain from such a technology or whether you would do just fine with the existing managed VPS plans. It is understood that cheap SSD VPS will surely come at a higher cost as compared to cheap managed VPS plans. SSD drives have the following characteristics:

  • They process data faster than the usual guard drives
  • It speeds up the performance of the VPS
  • anything that is written or is read from such a drive will happen in a shorter span of time
  • SSDs are drives that have smaller sizes than the traditional hard drives. Thus, if you opt for 1 GB of server memory the disk space available to you will amount to 30 or 35 GB of disk space.

Decide On Your Requirements

When you know the characteristic features of SSDs it will help you to decide better. If the emphasis of your server requirement is not so much on space but more on speed of processing, then SSD is sure to work for you. However bear in mind that the price of such a plan will be more than the usual managed VPS plans. The increase can be compared on the different web hosting websites. Most web hosts are trying to keep the price increase as minimal as possible.

Find A Profitable Plan

Today SSD VPS Hosting is the new buzzword. If you want cheap SSD VPS, where do you go? Most of the web hosts are chasing in on providing such services. But who is ahead of the game? You need to follow the news and happenings in the web hosting world to know for sure. You can even read up independent reviews in order to make sure that you know the facts and are simply not getting swayed by the promotional literature on a web hosting platform. Ensure that a cheap SSD VPS plan will work for you before you take it up. Read up the benefits and features of such a plan before you opt for it.

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