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Unmanaged VPS an Option To Learn Linux Server Management

Virtual private server solutions are opted by those who wish to have dedicated server space virtually and enjoy the disk space, bandwidth and other network features that are absent when one takes up shared web hosting services. The economy of shared web hosting services is maintained in such plans and …

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Unmanaged VPS Are Cheaper Than A Managed VPS

VPS is virtual private server hosting service that is getting in demand these days as many people find it easier and cheaper to have their server space managed and allotted by web host service providers. They get the advantage of dedicated sever space but without the cost of claiming an …

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Managed vs Unamanaged VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is getting really common these days given its better resources over the shared hosting services and cheaper costs in comparison to the dedicated servers. No wonder,VPS is rightly called the perfect bridge between the shared and dedicated hosting services.

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