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Unmanaged VPS explainedCheapest Unmanaged VPS (Virtual Private Server) server hosting seems to be the order of the day, gaining high prominence over the shared and dedicated web hosting services. It’s because VPS hosting comes up with the advantage of dedicated hosting at the cost of shared services. This means here you are getting a bundle of high performing hosting services but at a fraction of cost. VPS server hosting can be of two types- managed and unmanaged. Now, people are usually in a dilemma whether to go for managed or the unmanaged part- it’s to mention here that the unmanaged option is the most popular among the two, given that it’s comparatively cheaper than the managed counterpart.

Do you want to know more about the cheap unmanaged VPS hosting services? Well, follow the post below as it presents a detailed presents a discussion on hosting by cheap unmanaged VPS servers.

The unmanaged VPS or self managed vps companies would generally provide the site owners with power cord that would be linked to server with cable. In addition to the cord, the user will also be supported with standard software & other materials that would enable him to handle the VPS server. The user will install the software himself.

Cheap Unmanaged VPS Offer Complete Hosting Control

The unmanaged VPS server users will have complete control over every aspect of the hosting service. In this case, you or your own company staffs would be operating with the Linux or Windows VPS server. This is great for those users who have a solid knowledge and experience on server technicalities and thus would prefer to oversee the hosting technicalities themselves only, and not by anyone from outside. The unmanaged VPS server users would enjoy autonomous control over memory, bandwidth, usage, software installation & storage space. The businesses in need of high bandwidths will be greatly benefitted from unmanaged VPS servers.

Easy Customization Facility

It’s good to stress here that with the cheapest unmanaged VPS server hosting, the site owners would be getting easy customization facility as here they have the liberty to manage everything on their own, which is not viable with managed options. In unmanaged hosting you can adjust the server as per your specific business needs without any need to keep on waiting for an unresponsive support claim from the hosting company.

Super-Fast Speed & Great Uptime

One of the significant features of unmanaged VPS server hosting is these services are especially meant for professionals and being so unmanaged VPS comes up with remarkable high performance benefits for the user. For example- you will great uptime benefits and super-fast speed that would enable you to stay visible to your client online, all through the day & night.

High End Reliability

Just because the cheap unmanaged VPS hosting servers won’t be managed by the hosting company, it doesn’t mean that these are unreliable. In fact, the cheapest unmanaged VPS hosting servers promise of high end reliability and there are sufficient antivirus & firewall protection measures in the market to ensure the reliability quotient of the cheap unmanaged VPS server.

Diverse Help For Troubleshooting

Yes, there would be times when you would be facing unknown technical problems in unmanaged hosting which you cannot resolve all by yourself. No need to panic here because there are diverse resources online to help you out. You will get software systems to download that can resolve the issue for you quickly. Unmanaged hosting apparently seems risky than managed hosting since the hosting company itself would be helping to troubleshoot in managed option- yet the catch is that in some cases the hosting companies would not be responsive always and the managed hosting user would have to wait for long for the company to contact him and take steps for solving the problem. But in unmanaged hosting you don’t have to depend on anybody else to take care of your hosting issues and everything would be handled on time only.

It’s Always A Lot Cheaper

As mentioned earlier Unmanaged VPS hosting is cheaper to managed VPS hosting and to great extent, especially because of no technical assistance from hosting company. In this case, the web host won’t need to pay for licenses and control panel which reduces the server costs largely. The user here is saved from spending bucks on the server operation and management by other people. Thus the unmanaged VPS server hosting is a top choice for many smart business owners who are technically sound and looking for an affordable hosting facility. The unmanaged hosting plans are usually 20-30 USD cheaper in comparison to cheap managed VPS hosting plans.

Is It Good To Go With Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Well, from the above discussion it seems that unmanaged VPS hosting is beneficial in the sense that it’s lot more affordable than the managed hosting plan. It also provides the user with the needed independence regarding the management, operation and customization of the server, which one cannot expect in managed hosting. But, again, as the users here would have to take care of the full operational and managerial aspects of the unmanaged VPS server, this would in turn require them to have an extensive know-how regarding these technicalities. The customers will themselves have to deal with the server stability, uptime, software installation, server configuration, performance and troubleshooting aspects as well and no help would be available from the hosting company here.

Your hosting company would just deal with hardware & network. Thus, before opting for cheap unmanaged VPS server hosting, make sure that you or your company staffs are thoroughly equipped with comprehensive knowledge on working with VPS servers so that you are never at a loss while operating or managing the server.

How To Choose A Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting Company?

There are a lot of companies out there who are ready to provide with the cheapest unmanaged VPS hosting services at highly affordable cost. But since all cannot be relied on equally, you have to go with the one that comes with solid market reputation and a good list of satisfied clientele. Make sure that your company can assure you of at least 99.99 percent of uptime, if not 100 percent.

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