Cheap VPS at SSDNodes

Performance VPS 32gb at 8$ per month

When it comes to power and performance VPS at cheap price, SSDNodes is the go to place.

They offer powerful virtual private servers with cutting edge technologies at cheap price. Their pricing model is different then other cloud vps providers.

Their latest offering and deals, altough for a limited time, is phenomenal. You get a 32gb VPS with 640gb nvme ssd for less then 8$ a month if you commit to a long period.

They are not a fly by overnight hosting provider, they have been in business for a least 10 years.

They offer two types of VPS: standard and performance. The latter being on NVME SSD drives and a few more resources.

Here is the current standard VPS pricing structure:

SSDNodes standard VPS


And this is their Performance VPS offering:

VPS at SSDNodes

Here is an example of their SPECIAL page, that is constantly updated:

LAST LEG of the 10th Anniversary VPS Deals: 20% off + $20 free credits on all plans!

Use the code SSD10 at checkout to get ADDITIONAL 20% off + $20 free credits on ALL triennial and annual plans.

Now pay: Only $95/yr 76/yr for 24GB RAM Standard VPS with 240GB 400GB SSD (+160GB!) Only $115/yr 92/yr for 32GB RAM Performance VPS with 320GB 640GB NVMe (+320GB!) Only $153/yr 122/yr for 48GB RAM Performance VPS with 480GB 960GB NVMe (+480GB!) AND get $20 extra credits with all plans!

The offer a 100% UPTIME SLA and a 14 days money back guarantee. nothing to be afraid to commit for a trial run, visit them here


Cheap VPS at SSDNodes

PS: Be sure to visit the deals page, they often have 10-20% addtionnal Discount on those Beefy VPS.

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