Best Website Speed Test Resources For Optimization

6 Best Website Speed Test Resources For Optimization

We all know the importance of website speed and performance. It is important to have a website that is both fast loading and responsive so that it can compete with your competitors. But because of new features, animations, and design templates that surely make the user-experience rich and engaging, also makes the size of the website big. This means slow loading speed. Slow loading speed results in low search ranking and a sharp decline in page views which can negatively impact your business. Hence you should conduct a speed test of your website on a regular basis.

You can take help of some best website speed test and optimizations tools for that. These tools will analyze your website and will give you accurate data. This data can help you understand where improvement is needed and what steps should be taken to increase the loading speed.

You will also get improvement suggestions that will help you achieve great results in terms of website performance by troubleshooting all the issues.

Here are some best website speed test and optimization tools that you can try.


The first in our list is the very popular Pingdom. It is one such tool which is used by website developers in testing the performance of the website and get accurate data. There are plenty of features you will find on this website speed test app, including tests based on geographical locations. You can select different geographical locations and test your website speed and performance in that area.

The results you get are also presented in an easily understandable graph. This will allow you to understand everything that needs to be corrected. You can also take help of the improvement suggestions and take the necessary steps to boost website performance. This easy to use tool can be your perfect website speed test partner.

Google Pagespeed Insight

Best Website Speed Test Resources For Optimization

Most of the website owner is targeting Google as it is one of the most widely used search engine, and no one can stop your website growth once it gets good rankings on Google. Google Pagespeed Insight will give your necessary data and information that you can use to increase your website speed and ultimately, rankings.

This powerful tool by Google can be used to get performance repost for both mobiles and desktop individually. The speed of a website differs greatly on mobile and desktop, and you can get an accurate report for both these devices with Google Pagespeed.

The application will also provide you with a complete and detailed recommendation for the issues that are pointed out. But the only problem with Google Pagespeed is that it could be a bit complex for beginners. However, there is no other tool like this once you get used to the interface.


GTmetrix is the next popular tool which can be very helpful for beginners because of its simple user interface. You get some amazing features on GTmetrix, and some of them are search based on different geographical locations and different browsers. The results you get are detailed and accurate and you also get personalized suggestions.

Load Impact

Load Impact isn’t a speed test tools, but it can be very helpful as it tells you how a website gets slow when a large number of visitors are using it at the same time. This will tell you the reasons which are making your website slow when there is high traffic and what steps you can take to fix this problem.

You can also test the speed of your website, but keep in mind that it is paid software, and you only get a few free speed tests. However, if you are serious about the performance of your website then it is a great idea to use Load Impact.

Byte Check

Byte Check is another detailed website speed test, checker. This speed test tool will help you learn a lot about your website’s performance and response time. The tool checks the TTFB of your website. In simple words, it gives you a report on how much time it takes to deliver the first byte of data to the browser of the user.

The best part of this tool is that it is completely free to use and you can check an unlimited number of websites. You will also get recommendations and steps to fix the issues.


Uptrends is last on our list because it is a very simple speed test tool. The tool is free to use and you get features like testing speed base on locations, browsers, and switching between mobile and desktop versions of the website.

The results you get are very easy to understand and even a beginner can use it with ease. You get tips and suggestions as well based on the data.

All the above-mentioned tools are best-rated speed testing applications that will help you optimize your website for high speed and performance. Try all of them to find the best working tool for your website.

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