Unmanaged VPS Are Cheaper Than A Managed VPS

moneyVPS is virtual private server hosting service that is getting in demand these days as many people find it easier and cheaper to have their server space managed and allotted by web host service providers. They get the advantage of dedicated sever space but without the cost of claiming an entire server space like in dedicated servers. The shared space leads to lowered costs while there is more security in VPS services as compared to shared web hosting plans. It is often called the bridge between shared and dedicated server services. However, there are further categories in VPS and that is related to managed and unmanaged VPS services. Unmanaged VPS plans are those where the customer takes the onus to look after the server and network administration from a remote location while the managed VPS solutions comprise of the web host keeping personnel to manage the services on behalf of their clients. If you are in a dilemma as to what service to opt for, managed or unmanaged VPS services, there are certain points and features to be known of both kinds of service before one takes a decision.

Features Of Managed VPS Solutions

The features of managed VPS hosting are several. Here the hosting provider will look into the server administration, will manage system upgrades as well as software. It is done in a pro active manner and the users can also request for specific requirements. When you take up managed VPS services, you are free from all responsibilities of managing the server. From providing infrastructure to regulations of the server are covered by the host provider. The web host will install patches as well as take care of the repair and maintenance of the hardware. The web host will keep the customers informed as per the CPU usage, security risks, disk space and others. They will also provide necessary security software in order to ensure that the customer and their network stay protected.

Features Of Unmanaged VPS Solutions

When one takes up unmanaged VPS services, the user takes upon himself or herself the hassle of manning the server like it is their own OS and hardware. Thus, one has to have adequate technical knowledge or they need to have people on their side who can administer the server and the OS competently. Many customers already have existing personnel dedicated to such tasks and thus, for them taking up unmanaged VPS solutions make sense. One gets fully fledged control of the server and remote access of the server in order to update it, ensure its security, control the CPU usage and disk space usage and so forth.

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