Managed vs Unamanaged VPS Hosting

Managed VPSVPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is getting really common these days given its better resources over the shared hosting services and cheaper costs in comparison to the dedicated servers. No wonder,VPS is rightly called the perfect bridge between the shared and dedicated hosting services. Now, there are two types of VPS hosting-managed VPS and unmanaged VPS hosting. In simple words managed hosting refers to theVPShosting service where yourVP Shost would take care of the server while the customer himself has to look after hisVPS if he goes for the unmanaged plan.

However, a lot of site owners taking toVPS hosting cannot choose the ideal VPS for them. In case you too are in the dilemma to pick between managed and unmanaged hosting follow the article below as it is all about managed versus unmanaged hosting

Managed VPS hosting    

Managed hosting is the system where your hosting provider would be looking after your system updates and software. It’s generally done pro-actively and sometimes on the user request as well. Let’s look at the features and advantages of taking to managed hosting

  • If you take to managed VPS hosting, you are freed from the entire responsibility of the server. Everything regarding the servers starting from infrastructure to monitoring to management and regulation are covered by your host provider only. This particular advantage has placed the managed plan over the unmanaged option for manyVPS users.
  • Your web host would also help with installation of patches and repair and maintenance of the hardware as well.
  • Then, another great part of taking to managed VPS hosting is that here the monitoring system from your web host would inform you regarding the CPU usage, disk space and even the security risks from beforehand. Added to the information benefit, your managed VPS host would even help you in solving out the security issues.
  • The user here would be notified on the required updates and in case, he is not agreed with the alterations, theVPS host would certainly change it during their next maintenance program.
  • Managed VPS hosting is always costlier than its unmanaged VPS counterpart given that it relieves its user from any maintenance and monitoring obligations of the server.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is just the opposite of the managed VPS where the user himself has to deal with all the affairs of the server like your OS & the chosen server software. Thus the user here is needed to have a huge level of technological knowledge since apart from the server down-time and the primary OS installation yourVPS host won’t be with you with the extensive back up as is possible with the managed VPS. Let’s look at the features of unmanaged VPS hosting

  • The user here has the provision of self-management that includes a full fledged control of the server & he also gets remote access to his server.
  • In unmanaged hosting, the user is always provided with complete administrative power & nobody is able to access the user’s information
  • Then, unmanaged VPS hosting is really flexible and a number ofVPS hosts actually permit you to go for the upgrades to accompany or compensate with your expanding business status.
  • The unmanaged VPS hosting is much cheaper in relation to managed VPS.

An overview

So which one to go for?

  • Well, from the above discussion it seems that managed VPS hosting is the perfect solution if you are technologically unaware of the different VPS hosting affairs. In such a situation, an unmanaged VPS is always a misfit since the unmanaged users have to look after everything regarding their server like the software issues, configuration, troubleshooting etc. Technical support would be just limited to the hardware failures & outrages and the user is entirely responsible for the backup services which are a hard task if you aren’t abreast about the technical works. Unmanaged VPS hosting looks cheap when it comes to price, but then what’s the use of saving when you are not getting the needed extensive host support.

But if you are really tech-savvy and prefer to have full control on your own VPS, the unmanaged plan would be the ideal. In case of managed VPS, the user is denied of all control on their server and the VPS host is the sole monitor of your software and equipment. Moreover, the low cost benefit of the unmanaged hosting is a great advantage here when you are equipped to look after the server affairs.

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