Unmanaged VPS an Option To Learn Linux Server Management

linux-vps-web-hostingVirtual private server solutions are opted by those who wish to have dedicated server space virtually and enjoy the disk space, bandwidth and other network features that are absent when one takes up shared web hosting services. The economy of shared web hosting services is maintained in such plans and the expense of dedicated server plans can be avoided by opting for virtual private sever plans. Again, the disk space, bandwidth and security features are more enhanced in virtual private server plans.

Linux Based VPS Plans Are The Best

Most system administrators will tell you that, Linux based web hosting solutions are the most economical and stable systems to opt for. These are also the cheapest as Linux is an open source operating system that can be downloaded for free as compared to Windows which comes with a license fee that needs to be avoided. Once you have decided that you will opt for a Linux based VPS solutions, you then need to figure out whether you wish to opt for managed or unmanaged VPS services. When we talk about managed services, that is translated to the web host service provider doing all the administrative tasks for you. They will ensure that the server software is updated and secure. They will update regular patches as necessary, keep you informed about the CPU usage of the server, disk space taken up, bandwidth used and so forth. On the other hand, if you opt for unmanaged VPS plans, you will be able to control and monitor the server software entirely.

Learning All About Linux Server Administration

Those who have adequate knowledge of Linux operating system, can opt to take up unmanaged VPS plan for their small or medium business. This would then provide one the optimal web hosting plan for their business. There cannot be any cheaper plan which would provide the amount of server resources that come with a VPS plan. When one has adequate knowledge they can use that to administer their server operating system and take care of the routine tasks of system administration. From CPU usage to disk space, patches that need to be loaded on the server and running maintenance tasks of the server are system administration tasks which one will learn without interference of the web host. The web host will simply house the physical infrastructure of the server but the client will be solely responsible for the upkeep and security of the server operating system.

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