Seven Dedicated Hosting Features That Enhance Marketing Efforts

Internet MarketerAs an Internet marketer your goal should be to continually progress in your content publishing/ optimization capabilities, and to facilitate constant advancement you’ll need to upgrade your technological toolset when necessary. Dedicated hosting plans offer the utmost in reliability, redundancy, and performance, ensuring that you are able to accommodate lots of web traffic, and store massive amounts of data for your ever-expanding network of sites/blogs. If you’re wondering why so many marketers have good things to say about dedicated hosting, consider the following dedicated hosting features that are particularly beneficial:

  1. Virtually Unlimited Expansion Capabilities

Being successful in any online endeavor requires diversification, as the sheer number of competitors that are vying for potential site visitors make your job as a webmaster largely a numbers game. This means having a huge network of pages that you can post content to at any time in order to expound upon your search engine optimization campaigns by giving yourself more chances to rank highly for your targeted keywords. Many successful affiliates/markers earn their living by generating nominal residual incomes in a variety of niches, which accumulate to a considerable monthly income. If you’re currently operating with a typical shared hosting plan your ability to expand into new industries is somewhat limited by the bandwidth, disk space, and other crucial server resources you have access to.

  1. High Priority Technical Support

High priority technical support is another great dedicated hosting features to mention here. Once you have an extensive network of pages online it is imperative to avoid downtime at all costs in order to eliminate the possibility of losing sales/commissions due to inactivity. With a dedicated hosting plan you receive access to high priority technical support, so you’ll never have to worry about waiting on hold for minutes on end while site visitors are confronted with “page not found” errors. Furthermore, as you continue to advance from a novice/intermediate webmaster to an expert you’ll undoubtedly confront other issues regarding the server configuration and website administration, and having access to the advice and assistance of qualified professionals is therefore essential if you want to minimize hassle.

  1. Greater Reliability and Response Times

Latency and Response TimeStudies have shown that fully managed dedicated hosting plans are by far the most reliable, providing the most uptime of any hosting type. Not only does a dedicated server give you the confidence that your pages will remain online at all times, it also ensures that each page loads as quickly as possible. Statistical analysis shows that requests issued to dedicated servers consistently receive responses that are milliseconds to seconds faster than the responses returned by shared/VPS servers. Logically speaking this makes perfect sense as your dedicated server is only ever utilized by one person – you.

  1. IP Address Diversification for Better SEO

When you operate within a shared hosting environment you’re sharing a device with dozens or even hundreds of other webmasters, and although you have your own unique IP address for your sites, many times you don’t have the freedom to assign unique IP’s to each of your websites, so your entire network has to share the same few IP address that are allocated to your account. With a dedicated hosting plan you can purchase additional static IP addresses for each of your websites. From an SEO perspective this is very advantageous, as search engines view websites that operate on the same IP address as being practically the same entity. On the other hand, if each of your sites operates on its own static IP address, your network is capable of acquiring higher rankings faster through inbound/outbound links to and from each of your sites. So, this is no doubt one of the great dedicated hosting features to consider.

  1. E-Mail Management Options

With a conventional shared hosting account you can only perform basic e-mail forwarding tasks, and there are certain restrictions that you can’t circumvent. A dedicated hosting plan gives you the freedom and ability to forward thousands of e-mail addresses to a single inbox that can be used as a centralized correspondence station for your entire network of sites. You can even specify what outgoing ports you’d like to use to facilitate POP3 connections. Overall, your e-mail management/forwarding capabilities in the control panel of a dedicated server are far superior to the capabilities you have in a run-of-the-mill shared plan. Furthermore, with a dedicated server you have the freedom to install any e-mail management application you like, instead of having to choose from the available apps given to you by your hosting provider.

  1. Advanced Task Automation and App Development

App developmentPerhaps one of the most appealing dedicated hosting features is its ability to run resource-demanding automation software with ease. Any informed Internet marketer understands the importance of automating mundane tasks associated with posting content, commenting on blogs, social bookmarking, auto responding to e-mails, and all of the other trivial but necessary daily duties that go along with being a successful online entrepreneur. Whether you’re running complex SEO analysis software that fetches thousands of datasets per day, or autopilot applications that maintain your social media campaigns, having a dedicated server to run your software is hands-down the best solution. Speaking of software operation, dedicated servers also make excellent platforms for application developers because they give you the freedom to install various types of virtualized operating systems so you can test cross-platform compatibility. In addition, developers can push their apps to the limits of their capabilities without worrying about encountering server restrictions or performance issues.

  1. Freedom to Customize Server Configurations

One of the most frustrating aspects of a shared hosting plan is the amount of restrictions that are placed on server configurations, especially in regards to task limitations and settings changes. With a shared plan you may have to request permission from the server administrator to allow PHP processes that are crucial towards the functionality of important plugins/apps. These restrictions often result in error messages, and many times you have to request permission to perform the same server configuration tasks repetitively. Adversely, with a dedicated server you have the freedom to change just about any configuration settings you like, so you’ll be able to run as many PHP processes as you want, install and use even the most demanding plugins in your content management systems, and even utilize PHP code in .htm pages (a feat that is simply not possible in most hared plans).

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