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The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting Reviewed

Dedicated hosting is known for being one of the most powerful solutions available to webmasters, offering access to a private web server that is solely used to accommodate the needs of a single client. In contrast, most other types of hosting (i.e. – shared and VPS) only give you access …

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4 Fundamental Tips for Better On-Page SEO

Building backlinks, distributing press releases, posting content in article directories, and guest blogging are all part of off-page search engine optimization; but the real foundation for a good SEO campaign is laid with on-page factors. Regardless of how well your off-page efforts turn out, if you don’t have fully optimized …

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4 Web Design Tips to Promote Social Interaction

One of the best ways to increase interest in your pages and rank higher in the search engines is to encourage readers to participate in active dialogue by posting comments and responses to your posts. Expert analysts agree that the future of search engine optimization ranking factors will be largely …

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7 On-Page SEO Tips to Help You Reach a Local Audience

Promoting a local small business online can be a challenging task. If you don’t employ the proper optimization techniques, many of the visitors that make it to your site will not be located anywhere near your company’s operating region, so you’ll be wasting your advertising budget, time, and effort. Fortunately, …

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Setting up a Professional Web Page in 4 Easy Steps

Building a professional looking web page isn’t as difficult as many developers and “gurus” would have you believe. In fact, almost anyone with basic computer skills can learn to do so in a couple of hours if they’re using the right tools and resources. Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t …

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Top 5 Web Editing Applications for Windows

Every web developer, regardless of their experience level, will admit to having at least a few design applications within their arsenal of tools. Although there are still many webmasters who are proficient in programming languages, gone are the days of manually creating pages through hours of painstaking coding.

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