Should I Consider A Linux VPS Server Over A Windows VPS

linux-vps-web-hostingWhen searching for virtual private server based web hosting services you come across to iterations in the industry. They can be broadly classified into (a) the web servers that use Windows-based operating systems and virtualization technologies (b) the systems that use UNIX-based operating systems and suitable technologies for virtualization purposes. Naturally some amounts of doubts and confusion will materialize in the mind of the users. Which one among these two must be selected – this is the primary query that can occur. In the sections that follow we will look into the benefits of using a Linux VPS in comparison to the traditional Windows operating system based servers.

Why Use Linux VPS?

You need to bear in mind the fact that Windows holds a majority of the market share. Yet, many web hosting services love to use Linux based virtual private servers. Why do these companies show some form of bias towards Linux platforms when an industry standard already exists? Linux is a derivative of UNIX which is already well known for its stability, speed and reliability. It is available for free of cost. Support in the form of software patches is also offered for free. In other words, if you are searching for economy without experiencing any kind of performance degradation, then it is better to stick with Linux based virtual private servers.

How Does Linux Score Over The Windows VPS?

When we do a comparison study of Linux and Windows based operating systems, the benefits of using Linux will always outweigh the other. Linux makes good sense for the first time users who have not yet deployed any kind of Windows based scripts on their websites. There are compatibility issues in between Linux and Windows scripts. You will have to pay some form of license fee amount in order to use Windows based virtual private servers. Using pirated operating systems is out of the question because it will question the integrity of the web hosting service provider. This is the primary reason why Windows based virtual private servers will always be priced higher than their Linux counterparts. From the initial investment viewpoint, it is better to opt for Linux VPS. However, someone who is already running a website using a Windows VPS will find it tough to migrate to a Linux VPS. Another lesser known attribute of Linux VPS is the availability of thousands of free scripts that can help you to streamline the operation of the VPS in a much more efficient manner.

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