Linux VPS Server Commands That Are Useful To Know

Linux VPS server commandsA lot of people have their share of reservations when it comes to switching to a Linux VPS. Many complain that they are not aware of the short linux vps server commands that the website administrator must use in order to ensure the seamless operation of the web server. The intention behind this brief discussion is plain and simple; it is nothing but to educate the readers about some of the basic Linux VPS commands. Careful application of these commands will give you some authority over the operation of the web server. In the mean time, you will understand that signing up for an account with a web service provider was just the initial step.

The Importance Of linux vps server Commands

Typing ‘w’ without the quotes on the linux VPS server commands console will display certain core statistics related to the web server. For instance, the initial set of information offered to the clients is the load levels experienced by the server. The information listed will also contain insight into the uptime of the server. The command ‘ps’ will give you comprehensive information about the processes that are running in the background. Please bear in mind that there are a lot of flags that can be used directly with the main command. Using the flags will help in displaying additional information about the active processes that are taking place on the background.

What Does The ‘Top’, ‘Df’ And ‘Du’ Do?

Another useful command is ‘top’. This command will enable the user to see the amount of physical memory usage as well as the load levels on the CPU. It is better to use this command when you are experiencing sluggish performance from the web server.  You will get real time information about the exact processes that are causing the server to act slowly. Sometimes you might notice that certain processes are taking too much of the resources of the web server. During such times, it is better to kill off those processes so that the visitors do not experience any kind of performance degradation.

The linux command to stop and terminate the processes is ‘kill’. If you are interested in learning more about the disk usage, then it is better to use the ‘df’ command. There are several distinct iterations for the same command. A command that you will have to use is ‘du’ – this will display the disk usage of any particular folder residing within the web server. Let us know more about the other linux vps server commands that you have found useful.

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