4 Tips for Getting More Exposure to Your Web Pages As Soon As They’re Posted

Nothing is more angering than writing a great post and then watching as it sits on your site unnoticed for weeks at a time while you try to drive traffic to it unsuccessfully. Don’t you wish you could get people to take notice of your hard work and swarm to your posts as soon as they go live? Well you don’t have to be some kind of guru or marketing specialist to accomplish this feat; all you need is a bit of persistence and the guidance to have more exposure to your web pages:

Build a Massive Social Following

The best way to get your posts noticed fast is to create a reader/fan base that keeps up with your latest blog posts when you post links to them on social networks. Of course, posting a link in your Twitter account will do you no good if you have a measly 50 followers and most of them are your friends and family. You need a targeted audience to pitch your post to, and building that type of presence will take some time and effort, or some cash if you choose to outsource.

The first step is to sign up to all of the major networks social platforms and bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, StumbleUpon etc. The more venues you can share your posts through, the more of an audience you’ll attract. Next, you need to build a network of people who will probably be interested in your topic. The easiest way to do this is to follow or invite people who are already following other blogs in your niche. Again, this will take some research and groundwork but once it is done the effect will definitely be worth the work.

Once you start getting other people to visit your site from social network sand share your blog posts with their friends, search engines will take notice, your rankings will rise, and your blog traffic will increase. Then you just need to use social plugins like AddtoAny (if you’re using WordPress) to interlink your blog posts with your social accounts in order to make it easier for your new visitors to follow/friend you on their network of choice.

Use Social Dashboard Apps and Posting Services

wondering what are the other ways to have more exposure to your web pages? After you have an established social network that spans across various sites you don’t want to have to waste your time updating each profile individually. Instead, you can use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite or an online service like Ping.fm. These tools provide a centralized platform in which you can manage and update all of your accounts across all of the major social networking and bookmarking sites simultaneously. You can even schedule future status updates based on predefined criteria, so your entire social campaign can be completely automated in one session and you can focus on others tasks during the rest of your work week.

Submit to RSS Feeds

Another great way to get avid readers to your blog on a regular basis is to submit your blog to an RSS feed. These feeds are often subscribed to by blog readers who are looking for the latest and greatest information within specific niches. Once you’re a part of the feed your blog posts will be shown to subscribers and you’ll receive a constant influx of high quality traffic. Of course, the more feeds you submit your blog to, the more attention you’ll get. A beneficial side effect of using RSS feeds is that you’ll attract the attention of other bloggers in your niche, creating the opportunity for backlinking relationships and making your presence more authoritative in your industry.

Encourage People to Subscribe and Be Active in the Comments

Make sure you take every opportunity to encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog, sign up for your newsletter, or follow you on social networks. Promoting engagement is the key to creating a regular reader base that will return to your site. It is important to note that no one will want to put forth the time to comment on your blog if you are not actively responding and moderating. Thus, it is imperative to regularly supervise blog comments and provide your input wherever possible. Also, pose questions at the end of each post and try to get your readers to give their own input. This not only creates more niche-specific content for your pages, it also makes people more interested in your blog and more likely to return as soon as you publish a new post. Overall, you want your blog to be the type of site that people enjoy coming to and enjoy interacting on. If you can create that effect then every post you publish will be greeted by hordes of devoted visitors and you will definitely enjoy more exposure to your web pages.

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