4 On-Page Optimization Tactics to Get People to Link Back to Your Site

Getting people to link back to your site naturally is one of the best ways to build links because it doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to put forth any additional effort other than publishing the content, and search engines like natural links more than links built in artificial linkbuilding campaigns. Content that encourages people to link back to your is often referred to as “linkbait.” Creating linkbait seems difficult –but with a solid understanding of a few key principles it is actually very simple. So how do you make your content interesting enough for people to WANT to share your pages? Here are some useful On-Page optimization tactics for that.

Make the Content Informative AND Entertaining

Information is great and all, as you ARE travelling on the “information highway” after all, but surfers “visitors” want more than good fashioned data and news. They want to be entertained. They want you to give them a reason to spend time on your site, instead of just wasting time like the have done one so many other websites in the past. Use a bit of humor when you can, and be short and sweet with your sentences. Carry a conversational tone, but at the same time reveal information that is helpful to the reader.

Understand how your audience responds to certain styles of writing and cater to their preferences accordingly. For example, if you run a finance site geared towards business owners you would want the tone to be more professional and formal, yet still reader-friendly. The final test when proofreading should be asking yourself the question “Would I read this whole page start to finish if I stumbled across it on the web?” When people find information hat they find is useful or entertaining they are much more inclined to share it.

Compile Lists of Resources

Another useful On-Page optimization tactics to get people to link to your pages is to create posts that serve as extremely useful resources. These pages are not only easier to develop because you don’t have to do as much original content writing, they also provide real value to the reader because they serve as centralized bookmarks on a given topic. You can create list that displays links in a row, or link to other sites within the text of an article using anchor text. One beneficial side effect of linking out to authority sites is that it can rage your site authority in the search engines. Most people would rather share one page that links out to a bunch of other helpful pages in the niche than find all of those pages themselves through research and then share ten different links; it is a matter of simple convenience.

Use a Unique Image

Creating your own infographic or using a great image from a stock photo company like Shutterstock is a great way to get people to link back to your page because they may use your image on your site and then attribute it to your site with a backlink. Many bloggers use Google image search to find images for their blog posts, and then link back to the bog that originally posted the picture. You can increase the number of people that syndicate your photos by adding keyword targeted image tags and meta information. Using images in your post will also have the beneficial side effect of generating interest in readers and making your posts look more professional. You can also create your own infographics that webmasters love to use, and then give them rights to post it on their site as long as they include a backlink back to your site. If you’re a photographer or graph design specialist you can attract additional attention to your photos and create more backlinking opportunities by uploading your portfolio to the Creative Commons. If you decide to go this route just make sure you post the images under the “Attribution Only” license so that people will be required to link back to you in order to use the photo.

Incorporate Social Sharing Plugins

Some of the most powerful backlinks are those that come from social networks like Twitter. Search engines are beginning to use social signals as some of the most influential ranking factors, as links coming from social sites indicate the level of genuine user interest you’re able to generate. You can drastically increase the number of backlinks you get from sites like this by using WordPress and installing social plugins. Plugins like AddtoAny and ShareThis make it easy for people to share your content via social networks. Another great way to encourage social interaction is to use a service like Ping.FM to send out status updates to all of your social accounts at once. Learn the art of making interesting updates and using headlines/link text that will motivate people to click through.

So, these are the top 4 useful On-Page Optimization tactics following which you can enhance the traffic of your website shortly.

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