3 Ways You Can Save Money on Hosting

So, you want to save money on hosting? Finding cheap hosting is relatively easy nowadays, as it seems every company is willing to provide excellent discounts to keep customers coming back and attract the attention of new prospects. Even so, there are ways to save even more money than the conventional hosting user by taking advantage of some little known techniques. Of course, if you’re purchasing a low-end shared hosting plan you probably don’t have the need to save much more than you already are, but if you’re paying exuberant prices for dedicated or VPS hosting, you could stand to save a lot of money on an annual basis by simply making a few adjustments in how you choose and buy hosting plans.


Coupons are the easiest and most efficient way to save on any type of web hosting. There are plenty of coupon sites out there that regularly update their blogs and databases with discounts from the leading hosting providers in the industry. Best of all, using one of these coupons is as simple is copying and pasting a code into a form on the checkout screen of your hosting provider’s shopping cart interface. Finding these coupons is just as easy as using them – simply do a few web searches using phrases like “coupons for web hosting” or “{hosting company name} coupon.” The search results should point you in the right direction so you can begin saving without having to do much more research. Another good way to find coupons is to use web hosting forums, where you may be able to gain direct access to the owners of hosting sites who offer promotional discounts on their services that are exclusive to the forum members. Being a member of one of these forums also gives you the advantage of being able to read customer opinions and other people’s positive and negative experiences with specific providers.

Comparison Sites

Another great way to find the cheapest hosting plans available and save money on hosting costs is to utilize the services of the many comparison sites that are out there. You can conduct side by side comparisons of features, plan pricing, and even view user reviews. Saving money on hosting isn’t just about choosing the cheapest plan; it is about using a provider that is reputable so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of having to request a refund in the future when less-than-ideal service becomes apparent. These sites not only help you choose the cheapest plan they also facilitate the process of finding a hosting type that is most suitable for your needs.


Pay-Per -Usage Plans

The problem with most hosting plans is that you’re paying for server resources that you never wind up using. These resources sit idle on your server or server partition and consume some of your hosting budget for absolutely no reason. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem of inefficiency – simply use a cloud hosting service that offers a pay-per-usage billing structure. With these plans you don’t have to worry about paying too much for server resources that you’ll never use because you are only charged for the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you use within the billing period. Furthermore, these pans do not place limits on the amount of resources you can access at any given moment because you’ll have access to the entire cloud, or network, of servers that exist within the company’s datacenter. Thus, you’ll be able to expand with the traffic needs of your site without facing problems associated with service restrictions.

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