What is a Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server conceptVirtual Private Server refers to a virtual machine which runs on the same PC but is functionally identical to another separate computer which is committed to individual client needs. The user gets the privacy of a distinct PC which could be configured or modified easily. It has to be mentioned that there could be several VPS set up on one physical server. This host physical server would boot up normally & then uses software for booting each of the Virtual Private Servers independently within virtualization ambiance.VPS doesn’t get any direct access to the physical web server’s hardware. VPS booting is performed from disk image & almost every hosting firm today are ready to offer VPS plans for their customers.

Types of VPS hosting & VPS components

VPS hosting can be of two types- managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. The managed one is certainly more expensive over the unmanaged options since it could be controlled and monitored easily with a specific tool that is not possible with the unmanaged option.

EachVPShosting software includes web-server program, FTP or File Transfer Protocol Program, mail-server program & specialized web applications for different activities like blogging and e-commerce.

Each VPS works independently

VPS or Virtual Private Server is segregated on the basis of the programs used into different sections which are all virtual machines acting as distinct dedicated server. All theVPSsystems are independent & everyVPSacts independently with no risk threat to otherVPSsystems. Each of the VPS system can run a full-fledged operating system which is rebooted independently in spite of working on the same software and on the same computer. A virtual private server has its own RAM modules, disk space, CPU & many other necessary resources that are not shared with the other VPS systems on the same physical server. The OS & its configurations could be utilized by each of the VPS users in many different ways, in accordance with their specific needs is the bridge between dedicated & shared hosting

Virtual Private Server is considered as the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Many of the business sites today, especially the small businesses take to shared hosting services given that the dedicated servers are really expensive. But soon as the business starts to expand, the traditional shared servers appear unable to cater to the growing demands of the site like the requirement of a larger disk space, better control on website, better website applications, greater monthly bandwidth, top notch e-commerce applications and overall greater security level which the dedicated &VPSservers are able to offer. Then again, as the dedicated servers are more costly,VPSsystems work as the balanced option to go for with advanced set of features over the shared server yet a much lower cost in comparison to the dedicated servers.

VPS provides absolute security & isolation

The Virtual Private Servers offer you with an isolated environ where the other virtual servers won’t be able to access your memory space or files since these servers won’t be aware of each other’s existence over the same server. In case the rogue processes crash an individualVPS, it’s not going to affect the other virtual private servers. This very isolation factor offers a secure ambience where you could safely process, collect & store the sensitive data.

VPS offers Great Flexibility & Control

It’s great to place thatVPSsystem offers its users with great flexibility & control. The user can easily install whatever he prefers to on it and there’s no risk of otherVPSsystems interfering with your server. It allows you the flexibility of installing the complicated web applications and modifying or configuring them perfectly the way you need to. The good part is that, with theVPSsystem, you are freed from worrying about core OS & hardware requirements. Your web host would actually handle all the OS details & when there is any change or upgrade in OS, there won’t be a change in your particular environment.

VPS is cost-effective

VPS technology would help the user companies with reduced cost on dedicated servers since the comparatively cheaper VPS are backed by almost all the beneficial features of a dedicated server. Additional cost saving advantages include reduction on electricity cost required for running dedicated servers, the high maintenance rates needed to keep them online as well as the downtime costs in times of low sale and low productivity- VPS follows a “pay-as-you-go” approach.

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