Backupsy Storage VPS

Storage VPS at 40% OFF

When it comes to storage VPS, meaning a VPS with low ressource but an awful lot of Storage diskspace, Backupsy knows how to offer the right deals. Using KVM technology, HP storage server and raid 50 protected hard disk, they know their business.

Rightnow, backupsy is offering a 40% OFF discount for life with coupon : 40PERCENT

Their VPS offers all 512m of ram but you can have a 250gb to 2000gb storage space, bandwidth limit is also increasing as you select more storage space.

They offer their Backup Storage VPS in the following locations:

Dallas, New York, Chicago, Orlando, Denver, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Thei basic offer is : 512m ram, 250gb diskspace and 1000Gb of bandwidth and with the 40PERCENT off coupon the price comes to 6$ a month for a premium storage backup VPS.

These are backup VPS, meaning theeir usage is limited and cannot host a regular webssitee. IF you want to do do, a 2$ per month fee can be enabled.

They suggest to have at least 1024mb of ram in order to use R1Soft, in order to do so, they offer 512m extra for 4$ a month.

Visit them here:

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