Massive VPS for 7$ a month

This deal is above our “standard” sub 5$ VPS deals, but it is too good to deny. VPSDime is offerig a 6gb RAM and SSD vps for 7$ a month.

Heres what you get for 7$ a month:

4 vCPU
30 Gb SSD storage
2TB Traffic limit
10 Gbit connection

You get to choose the one of thee following Linux distro : Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, ScientificLinux and OpenSUSE.

Their VPS are located in multiple areas, such as: Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, New Jersey, Maidenhead, UK, and Amsterdam, NL

Their backend is composed of SolusVM, but is not accesible directly. They use a WHMCS module i order to interface wwith SOlusVM and this is the interface for the client.

The hardware they use is as follow:

High Memory Nodes:
Dual Intel Xeon E5 or Xeon Westreme CPUs
8 x SATA3 SSDs in RAID10

High Storage Nodes:
Dual Intel Xeon Westreme CPUs
12 x 7200 RPM HDDs RAID50

If you are looking a for OpenVPN supported VPS, you are ok with VPSDime as their control panel enables you to turn on TUN/TAP yourself without having to contact support.

Visi them here : http://vpsdime.com/

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