10 Domain Registration Tips That Will Jumpstart Your Success Online

domain registration tips for businessThe first step in any successful Internet campaign is registering an ideal domain name. In fact, the name of your website can be heavily influential to how fast you’re able to obtain any measurable form of success, which is why it is crucial to exercise the following domain registration tips.


 10 Domain registration tips:


  1. Make it Memorable

Try to make the name of your site memorable so that visitors won’t have trouble returning to it in the event that they forget to bookmark it. If you’re going to use a name that consists of a phrase try to keep it below four words long, as combinations longer than this will usually get lost in translation.

  1. Go For Keyword/Phrase Matches

One of the easiest ways to begin ranking highly for specific keywords is to register a domain name that consists of, or at least contains, that keyword. While it may be extremely difficult to find an unregistered domain name that consists of a popular mainstream keyword, with a bit of research and diligence it is fairly easy to find an exact match domain name that consists of a longtail keyword (a relevant phrase consisting of two, three, or four words). For example, a website with the name “www.bicyclesinfortlauderdale.com” will likely appear at the number one spot in Google when someone types in the phrase “bicycles in Fort Lauderdale.” With an exact match domain you can begin seeing organic search traffic from day one.

  1. Use Research and Analysis to Brainstorm

A great way to come up with keyword ideas for your domain name is to utilize SEO/keyword analysis software to begin the brainstorming process. You can use Google Trends and other keyword harvesting resources to find out what people have been typing into the search engines, and then try your luck at registering some of them.

  1.  Be Creative and Unique

If you’re unable to find a domain name that matches a keyword/phrase, don’t be afraid to get creative and make up an interesting yet unforgettable name. Some of the most successful websites online have made up names that are easy to remember (i.e. – Google, eBay, Yahoo etc.). Taking the “made-up name” approach is particularly beneficial if you’re trying to build an authority site that encompasses a wide variety of subtopics.

  1. The Shorter the Better

Studies have shown that websites with shorter domain names typically sell for more money on auction sites like Flippa.com. Unfortunately, almost all letter combinations under six characters have already been registered, and domain names that are 7 to 9 characters long are still amongst the most valuable (as long as the characters aren’t just random letters) . With that said, you should do your best to register a domain that contains 7 to 15 characters. Of course, if you can find a key phrase that is longer than this but stands a good chance at attracting organic search traffic, go for it.

  1. Register .com, .net., and .org Domains

domain tldsAnyone who’s used the Internet for more than a couple days has probably noticed that most websites that appear in search engines end with .com, .net, or .org. For this reason alone it would be preferable to register a domain name with one of these extensions (TLD’s). Not only will choosing one of these domain types give you a better chance of ranking highly, it will also increase the intrinsic value of your site so you can earn a higher profit if you ever decide to sell it.

  1. Buy Less Common TLDs As Well

This is another great domain registration tip to follow to witness online success shortly. Although it would be best to register your main website with one of the aforementioned TLDs, it is also a good idea to register less common variants with the same domain name. For example, if you register Example.com, you might also want to register Example.net, Example.org, Example.info, and even Example.biz. What’s the point you might ask? Well, by registering all available versions of a particular name you can protect your brand from competitors who might try to capitalize on your success in the future. Furthermore, you can forward all of your secondary domains to your primary .com/.net/.org address for additional traffic.

  1. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Although you may be tempted to use hyphens and numbers to accomplish the task of purchasing an exact match keyword domain (i.e. – instead of websitesforbeginners.com, which might not be available, you may want to register websites4beginners.com or websites-for-beginners.com), it is important to note that such websites usually rank poorly in search engines, primarily because people don’t use hyphens and numbers when they type in search queries. Many people make this mistake because they feel they have no other option, or because they think it makes their website name easier to read/more memorable. While the latter may be slightly true, a more readable name is not worth sacrificing search engine rankings.

  1. Avoid Trademarked Terms

Many unfortunate webmasters have made the mistake of registering a domain name that contains trademarked terms, only to become the victim of a lawsuit or domain seizure. After you register a domain using a popular brand name you may experience a large amount of organic web traffic initially, and this may motivate you to continue building and promoting the site. Sadly, after putting forth so much work all of your efforts could be in vain because a single DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint could leave you without your site and possibly facing legal consequences.

  1. Register Recently Expired Domains

This is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of the domain registration industry, which is why we saved it for last. Most webmasters register domains after conducting keyword research and putting a lot of thought and effort into it.  Instead of going through the hassle of adhering to the previous 9 tips on this list, you can bid on recently expired domain auctions and take advantage of the hard work that another webmaster put in during their domain registration research process. Even if you decide not to bid on an auction, simply examining some of the names that appear in these auctions could provide the creative inspiration needed to formulate another similar domain name.

So, these are the top best domain registration tips that will help you lots to expand your business online rapidly.

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