What Are the advantages of a Linux VPS

Linux VPSVPS or virtual private server hosting has gained immense popularity these days given that it offers the users with a lot of advantages over the traditional shared hosting plans pretty akin to dedicated hosting but at a fraction of cost. Linux VPS is one of the most popular web hosting portal and greatly beneficial for the medium and small scale businesses. The chief reason behind its popularity is that it offers with a huge hosting control at highly affordable prices. In, simple words, it could be said that this hosting is perfect for those looking for multi-tenancy, good resource management, virtualization & clustering.

Advantages of Linux based virtual private server

Highly cost saving

Linux VPS is a highly cost saving solution and its more affordable in comparison to a dedicated server yet with similar benefits. It’s to note that Linux OS is open-source system that helps in minimizing the costs. Then, the Linux OS is free from license costs & different other hidden rates which has kept the Linux VPS rates low. As multiple users would hire physical web server in Linux VPS, the costs get shared easily leading to a lower rate for each of the clients. Thus it is a great solution for the new and small companies online who are generally short of capital in their initial years. It’s good to mention that several Linux VPS hosts can offer you with unlimited domains & databases. What more, here you are even allowed to sell up extra server space to cover up costs. In fact, the low cost factor is one of the main reasons which has provided the Linux VPS with a cutting edge over its competitor VPS systems in the present market.

Great features

Linux VPS can support different web features like PHP, POP3, MySQL etc. Moreover you are offered with large memory space as well as complete customization facilities. High-end processor support is another remarkable feature of Linux based VPS server. Moreover, Linux VPS Hosting allows the user to opt for super efficient control panels such as cPanel and Directadmin enabling a complete control of server. It allows the running of different application and offers similar priority to each of the applications. These servers are really powerful and permit the user to run a number of versatile applications such as Java and Asterix

Easy and fast set up

A fast and easy set up is one of the major advantages of Linux based VPS. The user is assured of a quick setting followed by instant activation on which he could get his preferred bandwidth amount, memory & physical space. Besides, when you take to Linux Virtual Private Server, the CPU hardly takes time between the commands & executions.

High security & Privacy

Linux based VPS supports the users with complete security & privacy. The good part is that this VPS assures the user with a round the clock technical support 24 by 7/ 365.

Isolated server environment

Each of the server in this type of hosting is designed to work on independently- thus if any of the server crashes or breaks down, everything would migrate to other server that eliminates the server downtime. The Linux Virtual private servers act like standalone servers and each of them has their own applications and they work without affecting other Linux servers situated on similar physical server. The servers here, each of them, could be rebooted independently and thus all of them have their own personal root access, users, files, IP address and processes. Added to it, the individual servers here have their private mail & web server & control panel. This allows in easy flexibility regarding file configuration. Businesses with high data quantity would always chose Linux VPS since the particular hosting service offer them with safe data-center and disaster recovery & data backup services. As per a good number of IT experts, Linux VPS hosting is one among the most efficient and dependable systems.

In the conclusion it could be said that Linux based VPS hosting provides its users with enhanced server performance, great uptime, dynamic scalability, most current and efficient security solutions & better control on server applications.

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