Europe VPS cheapest offer

For those looking into a VPS or a storage VPS in Europe, Time4VPS is pretty hard to be in rssources and prices!

They offer three options in terms of VPS.

  1. You build your Own
  2. Pre-Built VPS Package
  3. Storage VPS offers

The first build your own option is good as you choose the ressource you need and the prices adjust has you move sliders for RAM, diskspace, bandwidth and processor power.

Their prebuilt packages are generous and cheap. Here is a example of a config:

Small VPS Package
1x dedicated 2.4ghz cpu core
1024mb of RAM
40 gb of diskspace
1 TB of bandwidth
Daily and Weekly backup
1.99Euro / month
1.49Euro / Month if paid annualy
0.99Euro / month if paid bi-annualy

Their Storage VPS offers are thee most attractive in our opinion, here a few examples:


Visit them here: http://www.time4vps.eu/

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