Can I Customize My Linux VPS?

linux-vps-web-hostingThe professional website owners like to have access to plenty of customization options. They will look forward to the same amounts of flexibility while searching for a website hosting service. There are many reasons that highlight the benefits of using a Linux VPS server system. Customization holds an important position in this list. Most of the companies that deal with virtual private servers running on Linux operating systems will offer customization as a default part of the package. Because of access to options such as these, the owner of the website will have complete control of the root folder. Let us learn more about the customization options that are made available to you. It is better to have some understanding of these options before you sign up for an account.

Hardware And Software Customization

The activity of customizing a VPS or Linux VPS can be broadly classified into two. These include hardware as well as software customization. We will look into both kinds in this brief discussion. The former option is helpful if you wish to have complete control over the hardware that is built into the virtual private server. It is to be borne in mind that such options were applicable earlier only to those who signed up for a dedicated web hosting account. Thankfully, now you have the provision to select the amount of memory to the hard disk space that will be made available after you have signed up for an account. It is actually fun to go through these online tools that will help you to handpick the various hardware components.

Ability To Select The Operating Systems

At the same time, we must give ample importance to the software customization options that are being offered. At the bare minimum, you must have the flexibility to select the operating system that is going to be installed for your virtual private server platform. There is a wide assortment of operating systems to choose from ranging from 32-bit to 64-bit. The users will also get a chance to pick out the flavor of Linux installation used for running the virtualization software. Always stick with the companies that offer the maximum number of options for the price that you are already paying them. Virtual private server installations can also be broadly classified into two – the fully managed systems and the self-managed platforms.

Fully Managed And Self-Managed Virtual Private Servers

The website owner will have full responsibility over the management of the virtual private server if they sign up for a fully managed hosting account. Custom application support is one of the most sought after features and this is possible only if you have this type of account. Advanced administration of the users is yet another benefit that waits for those who ask for fully managed accounts. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the basic operational procedures associated with Linux based platforms before you pay up. Making the default service much more powerful so that it can cater to the requirements of a large number of clients at the same time without affecting the functionality of one another – this is the prime benefit of taking a virtual private server.

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