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State of Cheap VPS

The state of cheap VPS offers

We have been following cheap VPS plans and offers for a while and it really seems that 5$ is a sweet spot for many Virtual private Server providers. We at like to mention some sub5 dollars vps offers. But what do you get for 5$, it all depends on various hosting companies. We tend to focus on unmanaged VPS offers aswe understand the cost related with offering a managed solution.

I would say in average, for 5$ a month you will get anywhere in between 512megs of ram or 1024 megs of Ram. Some less establish providers will offer more ressources at a cheaper prices in order to gain clients and/or fill up a new server. We have seen a few 2gb+ ram VPS for a few dollars a month lately.

The cheapest offers are often based on OpenVZ vs solutions based on KVM which might cost a few dollars more all things considered. Each have their advantages, but the trends seems to indicated higher prices for KVM providers.

Whats about disk, we do see three trends in the cheap VPS world. Number 1 being pure ssd VPS hosting, number 2 being a ssd cached solution, while number 3 returns to the conventionnal mechanical disk. Raid 10 is a big thing to publicize which we think is a good thing, but we have seen some raid 1 offers. Biggest diskspace are in the mechanical harddrive offers, and its normal considered the cost ratio of the drives.

Network traffic is something that we often see as an overselling feature. The amount of bandwidth traffic offered is sometime way more then the actual usage a client will need and sometime we think the amount of traffic in the monthly allowance is more then what the provider can support. However, this make the client comfortable in a sense that he wont have surprises at the end the month. Unmetered VPS is also something we see a trend in our searches on the website and more and more providers are providing this feature to their client. This can be safely achieve by limiting the port speed to 10 or 100mbps on the VPS.

1 ipv4 address is the norm for VPS and its alright like this. We do think these should be well distributed. Ipv6 is starting to gain some ground if the offers, but we are wondering if they are really used in production setup.

Lastly, DDoS protection is making its way into the offers of many providers, as this becomes a need with the surge of DDoS menace that occurs nowadays. The DDoS protection will vary from different layers to a limit in speed the network can absorb.

As for control panel, a combination of SolusVM and WHMCS seem pretty common nowadays. We have also noticed a few instances of Virtualizor control panel. What makes a good control panel from acustomer perspective is being able to re-install the VPS OS, and control its power cycle. Seing stats on usage is also a plus.

We think the ideal offer for a cheap VPS is somewhat around the mark of 5$, cheaper if possible, with the following ressources :

  • 1024mb of RAM
  • 2 cpu cores
  • 20gb Pure SSD Harddrive in Raid or at least 60gb in mechanical HD
  • 100mbps unmetered network traffic
  • 1x IPV4 and multiple IPV6
  • Layer 3/4/7 unlimited DDoS protection
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