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Common Features in a VPS Hosting Server

huge demand for VPS hosting servers now. The demand for this serve stems from the fact that it offers great features, security and cost saving measures to help a business host its website on the internet. If you are running on a shared hosting account and want to shift to your another VPS hosting server, then you should make sure that you make use of the best hosting provider with adequate features so that your website is always on air and does not have any downtime. The VPS server will be working just like a dedicated server and the only difference is that the server is a virtual machine and you cannot see it.

The following are the features that you will have to keep an eye on when choosing a VPS hosting server.

Control in your hands

The VPS hosting server is practically a dedicated web hosting server in terms of access. You will have more control over the server than what you enjoy in a shared hosting server. You will have control over the space and you are at your liberty to configure the server like the way you want.  Another feature is you are given the option of root access and also the facility to use scripts. You can install the control panel and other software that you like to use without any restrictions. You will never have such control and authority in the shared web hosting server. The hardware offered by the VPS providers will be the best hardware. That includes a high end CPU, a decent enough storage space and a dedicated RAM. You should only choose a VPS host that offers you top of the line hardware.

Trustworthy performance

There is no doubt that the VPS hosting server offers a better performance than a shared server. The hosting services needed for your website are power driven with required CPU resources, bandwidth and disk space. Hence, you will find that your website does not face a lengthy downtime. With control over the server you can ensure that the server is performing at its best. Check out the track record of the VPS hosting service and see the reliability of uptime when choosing one.

Scalability and flexibility

The VPS hosting server offers you great flexibility. You need to just buy and pay for the VPS plans that you find is suitable for your business website. The plans can be custom made to suit your requirements. With the scalability offer, you can first start with a few resources for a minimum price. When you include more pages in your website you can add more virtual resources to meet your needs. You can as well add more ssd vps disk space whenever you want to.

Boosted security

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a good VPS hosting server is the security that it offers. This kind of web hosting is considered to be a safe option because you can install custom firewalls. As you are having a virtual private server for your website, you will not be affected, by any security threats like what you experience when using a shared hosting. You do not have to fear about getting blacklisted as you will be working with a unique IP address and not a shared address like what is experienced in a shared hosting plan. You need to choose for the best VPS service and ensure that the server provider offer the best and stringent security programs and policies for the server.


The VPS will come at an attractive price which would be affordable for most small businesses. It is not as expensive as a dedicated web hosting plan. The resources will match that offered by a dedicated server, but the price you will be more or less similar to what you pay for a shared web hosting plan.  There is no doubt that a VPS hosting server is best suited for small enterprises that needs more resources at affordable prices. The VPS servers are considered to be a hybrid between the shared server and a dedicated server.

Technical support

There are times when you might face problems in operating your VPS service. Even though VPS account users are needed to maintain and upkeep the servers, they would need some technical support if something goes wrong. When you are opting for a VPS hosting server, make sure that you choose one that offers technical support. A good customer support plan is a must when you are choosing your web hosting server. It is better to opt for a service provider that offers round the clock technical support.

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